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The purpose of Wishful Living Counseling Services, LLC is to facilitate an environment help people create the life they always wished for, a life filled with meaning and purpose. Wishful Living Counseling Services, LLC aims to help clients understand and implement the “learn.heal.grow” philosophy using research based psychological interventions and techniques. Individuals are provided with the highest quality mental health services. No one is broken or damaged; we will move along together on your healing journey at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

Individual Counseling

Family Support Sessions

Group Support/Classes

Professional Development Presentations and Workshops 

Grief and Loss Support

Parenting issues & Skills


Adult Children of Alcoholics

Personal Growth and Development

Healing from Trauma & Childhood Hurts



Play Therapy

The Wishful Eating Program:

     Eating Disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder

     Weight loss and normalization

Emotional Eating 

Body Image and Self-esteem

Wishful Workshops:

Lines, Tummies, & Babies, OH MY!
How to Develop a Healthy Body Image After Baby

The pregnancy experience can take a woman’s body on both a physical and emotional roller coaster ride. Developing a positive body image after baby is less about how you look and more about how you feel about yourself. Learn more about how to embrace your new postpartum body through Lines, Tummies, and Babies, OH MY!: How to Develop a Healthy Body Image After Baby presented by Nicole S. Wildes, MA, counselor and owner of Wishful Living Counseling Services, LLC. Participants will:

•  Understand the role expectations play in how women adjust to their post partum bodies.

•  Develop tools and techniques to counter body bashing.

•  Learn how to celebrate a post-partum body (yes, it’s possible!) and model healthy body image to your little ones.

•  Recognize the role a healthy body image plays in helping to reach one’s natural body weight.

Target Audience: Mom’s and Mom’s-to-be (and Dad’s too!)

Does My Awesome-ness Make Me Look Fat?
How to love your body and yourself in our weight obsessed culture.

More than ever, our little girls, ‘tweens and teens need an army of tools to help them combat the body bully within. This program strives to empower girls to see beyond the cultural expectations and start to question the media’s influence of beauty. Girls who exhibit signs of self-love have more energy to invest in leadership, athletic, and educational opportunities and are less derailed by the day-to-day drama of adolescence.  

Participants will:

·    Understand that how their body looks is not a reflection of its worth or capabilities.

·    Recognize that self-love is a major tool in treating their body with respect and kindness.

·    Gain awareness and education by understanding the impact puberty has on body size and shape.

·    Question, dissect, and analyze the media’s expectations of thinness.

·    Consider all the other ways they matter and are important beyond the size and shape of their body.  

Target Audience:

Program can be modified to meet the needs of a parent audience, parent and daughter audience, or a school age group (elementary through high school).   

Please visit the Wishful Eating link for more details. 


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