wishful eating:weight loss program

Create a relationship with food that is delicious.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You often dislike what you see when you look in the mirror.
  • You have experienced success in many other areas of life but can’t seem to get your weight and diet under control.
  • You want to obtain freedom from dieting and the ever-changing food rules.
  • You feel really, really tired of the physical and emotional aspect of losing and regaining the same pounds over and over again.

Wishful Eating is a program designed to help members struggling with “food issues” (i.e., emotional eating, binge-eating, body image, self-esteem, obesity, etc). Members learn to trust their own bodies and make food choices that allow them to maintain a healthy weight. A weight-loss support group can bring a group of people with similar challenges together to foster an atmosphere of hope and perseverance while examining food habits and one’s relationship to food and their body. 

The program aims to:

•          Promote awareness of eating behaviors and stop binge eating habits

•          Discriminate between physical hunger and emotional hunger

•          Encourage a mindfulness-based approach to eating

•          Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

•          Feel great in your body (even at your current size)

Wishful Eating:Session1 groups will run for a period of four weeks. Each session lasts 90-minutes and costs $25.00 per session. Day and evening groups are available in both Camp Hill and York office locations. There is flexibility in the schedule so please email/call me and let me know your availability. For groups of 3 or more, on-site training is available. Individual counseling is also an option for those interested in private sessions.

For more information, please contact Nicole S. Wildes, MA at 717-887-5898 or nicole.wildes@yahoo.com.

The Top Ten Principles of the Wishful Eating Program

1.      If you eat when you’re physically hungry, and stop when your body is satisfied, you will reach your natural weight.

2.      If you learn to truly love yourself, you will make food decisions based on those foods that nourish you. Foods that make you feel lethargic no longer become desirable.

3.      Eat real food. If you eat real food, you might even reach your natural weight faster. Instead of looking at nutrition labels, consider buying foods that don’t have labels (i.e. fruits, vegetables, and proteins).

4.      Food is meant to be delicious. Food is meant to be savored. What you eat should bring you pleasure.  Show up for your meals and embrace the experience of eating.

5.      How you eat is how you live. If you want to live a vibrant life, eat an abundance of colorful fresh foods that will offer you the food energy your body craves. 

6.      Stop giving food moral value. Lettuce is not “good” and potato chips are not “bad”. You are not “good” when you eat grilled chicken and “bad” when you eat french fries. Freedom comes when you understand that food is energy and some foods make your body feel better than other foods.

7.      Our bodies were designed to move every single day. There is a type of exercise out there that will bring you joy and relieve stress and tension. There might even be a type of exercise that feels like play.

8.      It’s not about willpower, it’s about knowledge. The food industry has created food products (I like to call them Frankenfoods) that can trigger neural circuitry in the brain. Combine brain chemistry with incessant marketing, addictive ingredients, and an abundance of food availability…of course an individual is going to feel out of control during certain food experiences.

9.      Diets don’t work. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry yet 85% of people who go on a diet begin the process of regaining weight within 6 months. Instead of blaming yourself for an unsuccessful diet, can you recognize that a system of deprivation and denial may have set you up for failure? 

10.  Rather than approaching weight loss from the outside-in approach (i.e., “I’ll like myself when I am thin”) consider what might happen if you develop a favorable body image at your current size. Wishful Eating believes that weight loss and feeling lighter are the natural consequences of living from a place of self-love and acceptance.  



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