My name is Nicole S. Wildes,LPC and I am the owner of Wishful Living Counseling Services, LLC, a counseling agency serving clients in the Cumberland, Dauphin, and York county areas.  Prior to becoming a mental health counselor, a decade of my professional life was spent in public education teaching students in grades kindergarten through seventh grade.  From teaching, my life path led me to a career as an educational consultant for Pearson, one of the top worldwide educational publishing companies.  Consulting throughout the Northeast provided me with opportunities to facilitate professional development trainings and teacher in-services.  The culmination of those experiences resulted in my decision to transition from the field of education into mental health counseling.  My Masters in Counseling was conferred by Messiah College, Grantham, PA.  

In addition to individual and group therapies, I specialize in working with adolescents and adults struggling with a full range of “eating and food issues” such as obesity, compulsive eating, body image, and self-esteem.  My personal mission statement is to “Help women stop loathing what they see when they look in the mirror.”  This was my inspiration and motivation to create Wishful Eating, a mindfulness-based experiential weight loss support group that focuses on intuitive eating and self-acceptance.  Outside my office work, I enjoy facilitating seminars for mothers and daughters on today’s pressure to be beautiful and strive to motivate females of all ages to develop the tools for living a more confident life.

My first diet started at age nine!  (Does that qualify me for a doctorate in dieting and emotional eating?)  Once upon a time, I believed that if I could get the “exterior remodeling” complete, my life would be perfect.  Now I know that for weight loss to be sustainable, the focus must be on “interior remodeling” and learning to connect with personal worth and value.  Weight loss becomes a natural consequence of self-love and self-acceptance.  After working on this personal issue for over twenty years, my understanding now includes the importance of choosing foods that make our bodies feel good.  When you love yourself and understand the motivation behind your behaviors, you will no longer want to hurt yourself by mindlessly eating.  One valuable lesson I have learned on my journey of breaking free from my food issues: life is so much more than agonizing over every bite of food, the shape of my body, and the never-ending cycle of dieting and bingeing.  Freedom tastes delicious!

Now, as a mother, I strive to teach my daughter that she is so much more than her size and appearance.  When a parent has a disordered relationship with food, weight, and her body, research indicates that even the most well intentioned parents can pass on food issues to their children.  For many of my clients, this is the motivation they need to seek help.  Our children, especially our daughters, will model what they see their mom is doing with food and how she addresses body image.  Show your daughters what self-love looks like!

Thank you for visiting my website.  It would be my privilege to join you on your journey toward healing.  Please contact me at or call 717.887.5898.  I look forward to working together.      

Please keep in mind that while I have a BA in Education and a MA in Counseling, I am not a registered dietitian or doctor. This website is not intended as medical advice. I base my recommendations on my own research and personal experience. You should always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise routine. You are ultimately responsible for your own health!


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